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30 Days Behind, 7 Days Ahead

Hi everyone! I recognize that I’m a bit behind on the posts, but want to assure you that Bear and I are living it up out here on the road! […]


//Stephanie//   The ride from Talkeetna to Fairbanks wasn’t too far by miles, but it was incredibly diverse in landscape! We were dancing with the storm on the way north, […]


//Stephanie//   The drive south of Anchorage to Homer was covered in clouds, a low-hanging roof of cool grey lighting and mystical shrouds for the top of the nearby peaks. […]


//Stephanie//   There were many times on this trip that people would look at us and say, “I bet you would like Talkeetna. It’s kind of hippy-dippy… you know, an […]


//Stephanie//   Our friends in Anchorage couldn’t have stoked us out more. We were surrounded by cuddly cats, a happy, tiny dog, and two wonderful chefs. Fresh seafood, curries, and […]