Buckle Down. Gear Up. Tech Out. Breathe In…….

// Stephanie //


The past year has been filled with as much activity as you can imagine.

      1. Work Hard/Save Money.
      2. Take the MSF Rider Safety Class.
      3. Get M1 Certified.
      4. Buy Motorcycle.
      5. Ride.
      6. Ride.
      7. Ride.
      8. Work.
      9. Work.
      10. Work.

I know I’m not just speaking for myself now, because my husband has had nearly the exact same schedule. (Except he got his license a year earlier, and has already ridden a Honda 650 XR from Central California to Canada… in the rain… and snow… both ways.)

So he has the upper hand in experience. But we are on the same playing field when it comes to excitement.

We have been so freaking excited for this trip, and it’s so close we can taste it. The past 5 months have been spent with the specific goal of making money. Saying “Yes” to as many jobs as possible, begging our friends for forgiveness since we’ve dropped off of the social radar, and promising everyone that we will “Be Safe!”

While getting coffee a few months ago, I received the best tip ever from a seasoned rider–get an Aerostich suit. The timing could not have been more perfect for this tip, because with Bear’s experience being rain-soaked and frozen on his ride to Canada the year before, we both knew we would need some gnarly protection. It feels so good to be able to support an American company like Aerostich, who not only has a stellar reputation for road and weather-worthy suits, but their safety ratings and testimonials are outstanding.

The journey is getting close, and there is still so much work to be done, but I wanted to share this image with you all before we begin.

Last year, before I purchased my near-mint condition 1989 Honda Transalp XL600V motorcycle, I lusted over it like any graphic designer would. I saved the image from it’s Craigslist posting, and masked out the entire bike.

I was left with this showroom beauty on a glaring white background… so fresh… so new… so wanting to be mine. My very own tennis-outfit 80’s inspired bold color-blocking rad badass dirt bike that can pass a semi-truck on the freeway like nobody’s business.


Like anything new, like anything unused, it is so beautiful. It is so anticipating adventure.
And, like anything new, it is begging to get scratched, dinged, cracked plastic from falls on rugged mountain trails, and tiny rips in the vinyl where your cats have jumped up to sleep on the sun-warmed seat.

These tiny flaws add to it’s beauty, and our upcoming trip is going to turn this bike into the most gorgeous supermodel you’ve ever seen.

We will have many photos of our gear-laden bikes, fully tricked-out with new tires, CDI’s, air filters, carburators, custom-built center stands, brush guards, do-dads, thingamajiggies, and of course, an outlet to plug in our heated gear. This won’t be the last time we give our mechanic, Keith Mitterer, Owner of North County Powersports a shout-out for doing such a thorough job of helping prepare our bikes for the road ahead. And, if the unwelcome flat tire finds us, we at least will have custom-built center stands by Pat Carson Studio to aid in the fixin’.

Most of all, we have our friends, family, and CLIENTS to thank for supporting our adventure. This would not have been possible without all the work that was thrown our way, and then the grace to let us leave town for 70 days to follow our hearts 🙂  Please check out the image with it’s hidden goodies that are tagged all over for you…

You all are amazing. You all are coming with us, each and every mile.

So. Until then, I think I can squeeze about 2 more hours of work in before I wake up and do it again tomorrow…

Just 10 more days to go…

Just 10 more days…




  1. Deborah Pugh says:

    Lots of love and beautiful days ahead Bear and Stephanie!

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Deborah!

      We’re taking the valley love and beauty with us – thank you or being a vital part of that 🙂

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