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iWannaRideToo.com was born out of one couple’s love for adventure. Bear and Stephanie, proud owners of 1989 Honda Transalp motorcycles, are on a journey to Alaska. An adventure this demanding needs time, practice, and patience. Most of all, it needs to start somewhere.



A musician, teacher, recording engineer, and sonic voyager. He owns and operates his own studio, Erickson Sound Labs, in the wine country of central California.

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Stephanie enjoys expressing her artistic life through songwriting and the visual arts. Listen to her music at StephanieCroff.com or view her graphic design portfolio at CroffCreative.com

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  1. Hi guys,

    We enjoyed meeting you last night and will follow your trip to Alaska.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Richard,

      Thank you! Timing is everything, and we’re so glad to have met you & Gayle when we did 🙂

      Updates to come!

  2. anne bunch says:

    Hi Bear and Stephanie..

    Oh to be young and adventuresome…I will certainly enjoy keeping up with your journey to Alaska…and on a motorbike no less…
    I hope you will post pix all decked out for this wild ride…May the road, motorbike and travel gods be with you!


    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Anne!

      Thank you so much for the wishes and thoughts 🙂 we’re eating well and healthy-an important part of keeping a clear mind! Bear is taking some pics right now so we’ll definitely have inspiring images to share…

      Much love!

  3. Jennie Anderson says:

    We can wait to follow the journey!! Love you guys. A supply drop awaits in Seattle. Love the Anderson Crew!!!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you Jennie!
      We’re having so much fun and are so glad to have you and the Anderson Crew on our team 🙂

  4. Jacob Wilde Cole says:

    Love the shots and reading the stories! Wishing you all the best. Quite an inspiring journey.

    Peace and love,


    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Jacob! Thank you for checking in!! We can’t wait to post some of the amazing pics of the fjords we spent 15 hours in yesterday… BC is stunning!

  5. Arlis says:

    Met you guys in Toad River. I’m now home and beginning documentation of my trip and enjoying yours. A few questions for you: 1) Does “Holding the Light” come from the Bo Bruce song? 2) I recognized the GoPro helmet cam Bear had on his helmet. What version? 3) What still camera are you using?

    Something I’ve really enjoyed in your posts is your learning the ins and outs of long distance/adventure riding I’ve also discovered over the years. I’m also enjoying the GREAT photos!

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you so much for the note! Bear & I are just having so much fun and can’t believe that we’ve been on the road for over 60 days now and also that we will have to park the bikes soon! It’s such a cool reality that we will miss…

      To answer your questions, Holding The Light was the best attempt at a non-religious Christmas card tag line 🙂 Bear is using the GoPro Hero 2 on his helmet, with various other mounts for the bike and luggage racks. Helmet is his favorite viewpoint tho… Still cameras are Canon 5D Mark3 and also 7D…
      He’s planning on creating a long version documentary of our journey to be completed around January… Will have many more stunning images, video, and time lapses!!!
      Happy trails to you!

  6. Arlan says:

    Good Morning Bear and Stephanie:
    Great photo of the Hells Canyon area. Enjoyed having your visit. Please contact us as I think you might have left something at the cabin.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Arlan! Bear and I are still in awe of how beautiful it was up there, and how rad you & your daughter are 🙂 Im trying to think of what we could have left, the only thing I haven’t found is a silver soap tin, but I can’t remember when it went missing-all in all it’s no biggie 🙂
      Thank you again for sharing your mountains an community with us!

  7. Arlan says:

    It is some kind of green star thing on a string as a necklace??

  8. pulpo says:

    Enjoy the power of the soul and never give up….

    Ser libres like the wind.

    Good luck

  9. Hi Steph Bear,

    This is the first chance we’ve had to view your blog page, can’t believe you got the chance to meet Charlie Boorman, Pat the guy we are staying with in San Francisco was his back up crew in the camper van, six degs of separation.
    We are in San Francisco heading your way and would love to catch up with you guys again if its convenient.
    Love to you both Kev and Karen

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi you two!!! It took me this long to wade through all of the spam comments — I’m so sorry for the delayed response!
      I hooe you both are still faring well on the road, many miles and adventures later 🙂 Ride safely out there!!

      Much love,

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