Our friends in Anchorage couldn’t have stoked us out more. We were surrounded by cuddly cats, a happy, tiny dog, and two wonderful chefs. Fresh seafood, curries, and egg dishes abounded, as did the musical jams on cajon and guitar.

We explored the local nordic ski trails, which in the summer make for very great hiking and biking trails. The downtown plaza must buzz with wintertime ice skaters, while in the summer the youth was getting the hang of skateboarding tricks and flips.

There was a local man from Kodiak island practicing his woodcarving skills. He had been studying with a master carver and was finding his own sense of cultural connection and peace through the technique of shaping the wood into a ceremonial mask.

One of our favorite outings was to the movie theater/grill & pub, The Bear Tooth. This place was awesome, and Bear & I wondered why Santa Barbara wasn’t cool enough to have a place like this. There was plenty of room for the large crowd, while still providing tables to eat the perfectly cooked pizza. Local brews, a lively and enthusiastic crowd enjoyed the movie “42” which was an unexpected hit.

I want to be sure and mention how great the staff was at MotoQuest–we had met one of the guys from the shop while gassing up in Tok, just a day or so after the Dust to Dawson run. He was on his way back to Anchorage, and we were on our way to find a campground. He also had a Transalp, and let us know that he could help us out with our oil change. We were so glad to have met him and the rest of the crew at the Anchorage shop, the timing was perfect for an oil change and he treated our bikes as if they were his own.

We left Anchorage happily re-charged, and headed for Homer.

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