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Extreme Frontiers: USA ride with Charlie Boorman to Malibu!

//stephanie// Play a little game of “Where’s Waldo” and see if you can spot our Aerostitch Roadcrafter suits! (Hint: You can see me talking to Charlie at 1:38!) Enjoy!!!

Sneak Peek: Adventures at Home

// Stephanie //   Spoiler Alert: We’re home. But not really. And it all started when we got home and finished our adventure… again, not really. We were departing San […]

iWannaRideToo, motorcycle, 1989 Honda Transalp, curvy roads, adventure, riding, Grey Bear Photography, Chandlier Tree

Day 5 & Day 6: Goodbye, Hello

//Stephanie//   It’s so easy to “get behind” on these blog posts… Lately I’ve found myself criticizing this tardiness then reminding myself that I’m actually HERE on the trip. Before […]

iWannaRideToo, motorcycle, 1989 Honda Transalp, curvy roads, adventure, riding, Grey Bear Photography

Day 4: Miles of Smiles

// Stephanie //   Ok, here we go. It’s that time of night again, where part of me just wants to fall back into my sleeping bag and fall asleep […]

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Day 2 & Day 3: Wind & Windy Roads

// Stephanie //   To be lying in a real bed, with a fuzzy blanket scented like grape bubble gum, makes it a little hard to recount the past two […]

1989 Honda Transalp, motorcycle camping, Montana De Oro, Morrow Bay, California, Grey Bear Photography

Day 1: A Heavy Load.

  // Stephanie //   I can hear Bear’s feet crunching around in the gravel just outside the tent. Beyond that, the dull low churning of waves breaking on rocks. […]

iWannaRideToo takes a pair of 1989 Honda Transalps to Alaska.

Buckle Down. Gear Up. Tech Out. Breathe In…….

// Stephanie //   The past year has been filled with as much activity as you can imagine. Work Hard/Save Money. Take the MSF Rider Safety Class. Get M1 Certified. […]

1,500+ Miles // New rider challenges.

// Stephanie //   When I graduated from my Basic Rider Course, I was encouraged to enroll in the Experienced Rider course when I had 1-3,000 miles of experience. Well, I […]

Learning to fly.

It’s pretty hard to deny that Tom Petty is one of America’s greatest songwriters. It’s also pretty hard to deny that motorcycle riding is one of the most mysterious, feared, […]