1989 Honda Transalp, motorcycle camping, Montana De Oro, Morrow Bay, California, Grey Bear Photography

Day 1: A Heavy Load.

1989 Honda Transalp, motorcycle camping, Montana De Oro, Morrow Bay, California, Grey Bear Photography


// Stephanie //


I can hear Bear’s feet crunching around in the gravel just outside the tent. Beyond that, the dull low churning of waves breaking on rocks. The sharp click sound tells me that the camera has just captured a moment…This moment…

Today we drove away. From our home, which I’ve grown so close to in the last five months since I moved my work out there. From our studio, where our energy is deeply rooted-creativity isn’t an option when you step inside-suddenly wondering “Why is it dark again?” and “How did so many hours fly by while we laid down just one more idea?”

These places are only an hour or so from Montaña De Oro-our resting place for tonight. But the effort it took to get here was more than we imagined…

It’s only the first night. I’m sure I’ll have more to say-things like, “I’m so glad we invested in heated gloves and boot liners” and “I can’t believe how much fun this is!” But the biggest thing that keeps being said is, “I can’t believe how fortunate we are. I’m so proud of us for working so hard to make this possible… This is going to change our lives and I’m so glad to be sharing it with you.”

So, as the zipper closes around the door to our home, and the headlamp clicks of for the night, Thank You.

To the universe and those in charge of watching over us in this journey-Thank You.

To our clients who gave us so much work so that we could afford to do this-Thank You.

And, to our friends and families who love us and care enough to worry and support our big adventure-Thank You.

Our bikes may be heavy, but our hearts are light.


  1. Sally Hope says:

    So love this. Love you guys. And am so glad you’re capturing it all.

    A captive audience member.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you Sally!
      I’ve been inspired by your open style of writing and will def keep sharing the adventure 🙂 recap of day 2 and day 3 later tonight…

  2. Mike Stahl says:

    What a terrific blog. Really enjoyed the tone, humour and writing style and you have some great pictures.

    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Mike!
      Thank you so much for the comment 🙂 we’ve had a blast out here and I’m looking forward to posting more when we get home next week-so keep reading! Every mile has good surprises ahead!

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