Day 27: Anchored in Anchorage


I can hardly believe it’s been this long since we were in Victoria, the last time since a blog update… once you really learn to let go of life and embrace the “road” it’s harder to live a dual reality of experiencing life and recounting the tales.

The lack of cell phone service and access to wi-fi made it so much easier to dive into a different aspect of our journey, and I also understand that for our friends and families, it made it more difficult to trust that we were OK…

Isn’t that funny? The way life/communication/internet/convenience works?

On one hand, to let go of the comfort level of the convenience can be scary. As the ones experiencing it, we felt so grounded and connected to the land, rivers, road, and miles passed through British Columbia and the Yukon Territory… we were able to join up with two other couples for a segment of our journey and really embrace a feeling of community that I didn’t expect and was so happy to be a part of.

The initial fear of the unknown, the distance from where we were coming from, shed very quickly.

The lack of access almost became a blanket of security-the “aloneness” that Bear & I were experiencing in the north also acted as a glue, bonding us together and creating a real sense of adventure and newness that can be so hard to find these days, in the ever-connected world of 2013.

So for you, our friends, family, and fellow travelers, we are now at our friend’s house in Anchorage, Alaska. We just finished a late breakfast/lunch (brunchfast) at the Snow City Café, where the wait is long and the food is tasty. Properly Yelped about, it was the perfect way to settle into this city in the north.

So far, Anchorage looks like any number of cities I grew up around in the midwest, fortified against the winter cold, an obvious building boom in the late 70’s into the 80’s, the architecture overall squarish and dusty from winter gravel. The inlet is just off of L Street, and we could hardly distinguish where the mud stopped and the water started. Locals say that the mud is like quicksand, and it can be dangerous to go down for a stroll…I think we’ll stick to our friend’s living room this afternoon or maybe try & catch a movie tonight 🙂

It’s my goal to try and recall the past 15 or so days, and do an appropriate entry for you… as I’ve been riding each day, some titles scroll through my mind like “Endless Wow” or “5-hour Sunset” or “Storm of the Century”… but who knows how the days will shake out.

There have been so many amazing and breathtaking experiences, some requiring immense concentration and some requiring an open heart of gratefulness. This journey is incredible, and we’re not even half-way in.

So, Day 27: Anchored in Anchorage… we will be here for a few days. I slept 11 hours last night with a magic cat. I think I may sleep another 10 more tonight, hopefully 11 more!

As a trick, later on I will correct the order of appearance for these entries so that they appear in order travelled. But for the sake of remembering, you will now experience a countdown in reverse, until I retrace my way back to Victoria. I think this will be the best way to try and recount the past 2,700 miles…

See you on the other side!


  1. Erik says:

    If you guys are considering heading east before dripping back into the US, you have to take HWY 3 from Lake Osoyoos and go to Sparwood, BC. That is where the TEREX 3319 is. That’s right, the worlds largest dump truck. I made made my pilgrimage there in 1998 with just me, my car, my tent, my guitar and a lantern. It was amazing. Driving through the Rockies was awesome to say the least.
    Reading your blog is bringing back some great memories from that trip. I also remember seeing Bears when I was camping in Whitefish in Montana. Steam rising off the water in the morning, endless green mountains, rivers and water everywhere… ahhhhh.
    Stay safe and keep on enjoying yourselves!

    • Stephanie says:

      Oh Erik — what a great idea! I think we could totally check that out! It’s right by Banff, and we’ll be going through the Rockies… I love your memories of the mountains and the steam rising off of the river… you will love the footage that Bear’s including of the storm we experienced-the steam in the trees immediately after was so spooky and beautiful… I love nature!
      I’m just drinking my morning cup of coffee and am about to start recounting more days… surrounded by cats and friends is a good way to start the day 🙂

  2. Puck Erickson Lohnas says:

    Whenever I worry I think what did Lewis and Clark’s family do? I truly appreciate the journal efforts. You both will treasure for a lifetime. XxOo

    • Stephanie says:

      That’s such a good question! Or how about all of the Oregon Trail folks?

      We’re going to have to work on our telepathic communication skills for when we go back off the grid through Canada on our way home 🙂

  3. Erik says:

    Updates? Are you two ok? I’m dying here. I gotta have my epic journey fix…



    • Stephanie says:

      Hi Erik! All is good, we are now well-rested and in Montana! Feels so strange and good to be back in the “lower 48” 🙂 we’re hoping to add some more blogs while in Bozeman these next couple’a days… Epic journey continues!!!

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